Product Description

Coaching sessions will be ½ hour or one hour in length occurring weekly, every other week, or monthly based on the client’s preference.

A $300 discount is offered for a 12 hour coaching plan commitment. ($1500)

The 6 hour coaching plan will contain the following:

  • Identify the client’s current skills, strengths, passions and short/long term career objectives.
  • Discuss current career path, fit with #1 above and potential career course corrections.
  • Evaluate potential career blockers.
  • Define short and long term career objectives and goals.
  • Create the plan to achieve career objectives and goals.
  • As time permits, monitor and provide ongoing feedback on the client’s execution of the plan and any adjustments based on real business life experiences.
  • Continue to monitor the career plan and make adjustments as needed.
  • Evaluate the client’s personal brand and develop a plan to strengthen/adjust if required.
  • Discuss various business cultures and where the client is most comfortable and effective.
  • If client desires, the MAI Career Coach, will speak to one or two current or former co-workers to get a confidential view of how the client is perceived in the work environment (mini-360).
  • Recommend and discuss potential changes in objectives or employment based on client’s success in execution of the career plan.

If at the end of the engagement, the client is dissatisfied with any aspect of the coaching MAI Career Coaching has provided, we will, at a minimum, donate $150 in their name, to the charity of their choice.